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WORK: Shot by Kris

Kris Turner is a videographer/photographer that began working in Spain, then moved over to Tokyo, Japan. He is interested in making films that observe modern life in Japan, transporting the viewer into his experience. Kris needed a logo and website that allowed him to show his work in a way that didn't take away from his striking work, but rather complemented it.


• Design a completely new portfolio website that shows off Kris's talent as a videographer and photographer.

• Develop a logotype that feels aesthetically pleasing and complements his work rather than pulling the viewers attention away.

Logo Transformation

The original name of his freelancing business was "Kris Turner Video", which I would argue is a typical naming extension for starting. I ended up choosing a new name for him "Shot By Kris". This name has the ability to scale, being that in the future he would like to have his own agency. The font is in Italics which gives it a feeling of moving forward